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Phase 1: WFOE Establishment

WFOE Setup

Phase 2: Ongoing Operational Support

Additional Considerations

WFOE Establishment Plan

This comlete plan outlines the steps for establishing and supporting your Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China, along with potential service offerings from a local partner.

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Phase 1: WFOE Establishment


  1. Market Research and Plan (Local Partner Involved):
    • Conduct thorough market research with the help of a local partner to understand the Chinese market, competition, and regulations specific to your industry.
    • Develop a comprehensive business plan outlining your WFOE’s goals, strategies, and financial projections.
  2. Business Plan:
    • Finalize your business plan, considering the findings from the market research and incorporating any insights from your local partner.

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WFOE Setup

Local Partner Service Offerings: The following services can potentially be provided by a local partner to assist with WFOE setup. It’s important to confirm the specific services offered by your chosen partner.
  • Registration Address:
To register the WOFE in China, a registration address is necessary for company registration. Your local partner can help you with two options: Option 1: Virtual Registered Address:
  • Suitable for companies with few employees or no immediate need for a physical office.
  • Provides a registered address solely for company registration purposes, not for office use.
  • Typically less expensive compared to renting a physical office.
Option 2: Serviced Office:
  • Provides a physical office space that is qualified for company registration and can be used as your workplace.
  • Your local partner can help you search for or verify the suitability of an office for registration.
  • Consider verifying with the landlord (your local partner can assist with this) to ensure the office meets registration requirements.
Incorporation of WOFE:
  • Consulting & Documentation:
    • Advise on the set up of a WOFE and necessary documents for registration.
    • Highlight relevant tax, regulatory, and accounting requirements.
    • Address queries on treasury considerations and other setup-related questions.
    • Provide relevant sample documents for reference.
  • Application Preparation & Submission:
    • Prepare and compile all necessary application forms and documents.
    • Conduct a Chinese name search and register the chosen name.
    • Submit the registration application with all documents to relevant authorities.
  • Banking & Seals:
    • Assist with opening a capital bank account and an RMB bank account for daily operations.
    • Assist with obtaining company chops (stamps) for official documents and contracts.
  • (Optional) Assist with import/export license application and SAFE registration.

Phase 2: Ongoing Operational Support

Local Partner Service Offerings (Potential): In addition to the WFOE setup services, a local partner may offer ongoing operational support. Confirm the specific services provided by your chosen partner.
  • Accounting Outsourcing:
    • Set up your chart of accounts according to Chinese accounting standards.
    • Prepare documents for accounting and taxation.
    • Assist with agreeing on the chart of accounts with your overseas parent company (if any).
    • Provide accounting advisory services related to bookkeeping, management reporting, and tax filing.
    • Handle monthly bookkeeping, voucher & account preparation.
    • Prepare monthly financial statements in both Chinese and English.
    • Provide monthly notes to the accounts/balances breakdown.
    • Assist with quarterly tax filing.
  • Expenses Verification and Payment Assistance:
    • Help establish payment procedures and approval processes within your company.
    • Consider offering outsourced expense verification and payment assistance.
  • Invoicing Services:
    • Verify your invoicing information and issue invoices.
    • Courier invoices to customers.
    • Purchase invoices from local tax authorities and verify VAT invoices.
  • Payroll Compliance:
    • Assist with setting up social security and housing fund accounts.
    • Calculate and file social contributions, housing fund contributions, and individual income tax (IIT) for employees.
    • Manage employee salary payments and prepare payslips.
    • Consider offering outsourced payroll services.
  • Work Permit and Visa Application Service (Optional):
    • Assist with obtaining work permits and visas for foreign employees.
  • Annual Compliance Services:
    • Facilitate a statutory financial audit (PRC GAAP).
    • Assist with filing for annual tax clearance.
    • Help with the Unified Annual Examination (UAE) covering financial, statistical, foreign economic and trade cooperation, industry and commerce, and SAFE records (and customs if applicable).

Additional Considerations

  • Local Partner Selection: Carefully choose a reputable local partner with experience in your industry to navigate the complexities of WFOE establishment and ongoing operations. Consider factors like:
    • Experience with your specific industry and its regulations.
    • Track record of successful WFOE establishment and support.
    • English communication capabilities for smooth collaboration.
    • Service offerings that align with your needs.
    • Competitive pricing and transparent fee structure.
  • Ongoing Compliance: Maintaining compliance with Chinese regulations is essential. Consider engaging a local accounting firm to assist with bookkeeping, tax filing, and annual audits.

By following these steps and seeking professional guidance, you can successfully establish and operate your WFOE in China.

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