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Tax & Accounting

Sapience Pro can help foreign companies operating in China by establishing an appropriate accounting and taxation system. Through a series of bookkeeping services, we assist in preparing regular management reports to ensure the financial information is consistent with the company’s actual performance. We also ensure that all necessary tax requirements are fulfilled, such as tax registration with Chinese authorities, VAT registration, submission of annual (quarterly, monthly) VAT invoices, and annual income tax filings. Our services focus on tax and accounting issues, as well as enhancing overall management and control of your business, thus enabling you to focus on all aspects of your Chinese operations. Our services will help you get the best out of your operations in China.

“Let Us Handle the Complex so You Can Focus on Growing your Business. We can integrate your entire China operations.”

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At Sapience Pro, we possess the necessary professional knowledge to assist foreign companies operating in China with establishing appropriate accounting and taxation systems. Keeping up with China’s complex tax code isn’t easy for foreign companies doing business in the country. We will ensure that your business has the accounting structure in place, streamlining financial processes so you can run and focus on the growth of your enterprise.


We are a team of Professionals specializing in creating unique individual plans and strategies according to the client’s criteria. We take the time to get to know you, your company, and your goals. We will then create a unique individual plan tailored specifically to your needs. Our audit specialists examine your financial statements and accounting records to provide you with a professional opinion on the quality of your organization’s accounting standards.

Accounting & Financial Outsourcing

 Accounting & Bookkeeping 

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Accounting System Set-Up & Tax Registration
  • Management Report Preparation
  • Invoice Verification Issuance Service
  • Annual Audit Assistance
  • Annual Tax Clearance
  • Export Tax Refund Application and Verification
  • Accounting Documents Organization & Filling

 Financial Outsourcing & Corporate 

With many control areas involved, financial processes can be a tedious and time-consuming undertaking. At Sapience Pro, we possess the necessary professional knowledge to assist CFOs in this area, streamlining financial processes so you can better focus on growth plans for your enterprise.


  • Employee claims/reimbursement and payment process
  • AP invoices processing and payments
  • AR confirmation and collection assistance
  • Invoice Management
  • Data Entry
  • Financial Due Diligence (FDD)
  • Capital Verification
  • Inbound & Outbound Mergers & Acquisitions
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 Treasury Services 

Sapience Pro provides a comprehensive range of bank support, trading and treasury services custom-made to changing business demands. With ongoing support and consultation, our team is a reliable backbone for your day-to-day transactional needs that will help manage your investment here in China.


  • Cashier Services
    • Expense Verification & Payment Assistance
    • Cashier Management Service
    • Overseas Remittance Service
    • Bank Account Management
    • Cash & Bank Ledger Preparation
  • Treasury Forecast Preparation
  • Solutions for ad-hoc Treasury Issues
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China Tax Advisory

 China Expert Tax Services

Sapience Pro will collaborate with you every step of the way, ensuring that all filings are accurate and on time, as well as providing tax planning and preparation services for your business. Besides providing consultation services, we also implement compliance programs that allow you to reduce your overall tax liabilities and optimize business value. We take a proactive approach to solving your problems. We craft strategies that help you avoid problems instead of trying to patch them once they’ve already happened. We create structures and procedures that allow you to make the most of your tax situation while avoiding future headaches.

Corporate Tax
  • China Corporate Tax Planning & Restructuring Strategy
  • Compliance Tax Management System Design
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Tax Audit Assistance & Advisory
  • Corporate Tax Filling Process Outsourcing
Individual Income Tax (IIT)
  • IIT Planning & Advisory
  • IIT Compliance Services
  • Tax Consultation for Natural Shareholders
  • IIT Filling & Process Outsourcing

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