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Business registration in China

China Company Registration

Our China Company Incorporation services provides comprehensive set of solutions to help you set up your businesses in China in short timeframe. We are dedicated to helping you succeed by providing you with a turn-key solution to get your business started and running smoothly in China.

China Incorporation

Our China Company Registration Solutions are designed for foreign businesses seeking to establish the right presence in China, both for global SMEs and the Top 500. Sapience Pro offers incorporation services to foreign companies to ensure your company can conduct business in China in compliance with all the Rules & Regulations. We have helped thousands of foreign companies establish WFOEs, Joint Ventures, and Representative Offices in China by taking care of all the complicated processes and paperwork. Our experts have many years of experience in this field of work, enabling them to make incorporation a simple process that gets desirable results at low costs.

“Let us handle the complex so you can focus on what you do best – running your business!
China Company Registration Package

Incorporation Package

Our China Company Registration package includes everything you need to successfully registered your business in China. Apart from basic business entity formation and registration services of your selected business structure with the Administration for Market Regulations, Sapience Pro offers a complete package of solutions, including office facilities, co-working spaces, virtual offices, statutory compliance, and document filing with the appropriate authorities. We also provide resident directors and supervisors to represent your business in China.
 Retail Office | Virtual Office

Sapience Pro has an extensive network of office locations in China, Co-Working Spaces, and Virtual Offices. A company in China is required to register a legal address. If you do not have a physical office, we can also assist in securing a virtual

Work Visas & Residence

Handling foreign employees to obtain work permits and residence permits in China. We assist expatriate employees with visas, work permits, and residence permit applications and extensions.

 RMB|$|EUR Bank Accounts

Sapience Pro can help open a basic and foreign currency bank account in China. We can assist you with the opening of a corporate bank account with one of the Chinese banks. On top of bank accounts, we will open social insurance account, a housing fund account, and tax registration

 Recruitment & Payroll

Prepare monthly payroll reports including the latest payroll, individual income tax, and social benefits calculation.

 China Legal Representative

All foreign-invested companies in China must have at least one legal representative and supervisor. We can act as your resident director if you cannot appoint one, depending on your planned scope of business in China.

 Tax & Accounting 

Sapience Pro We assist with all of your bookkeeping and prepare monthly or annual accounting reports in English following China’s GAAP requirements. We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual tax filing to help you stay compliant with the local tax laws.

Foreign Company Registration Structure Options

China Incorporation Structures


Can employ staff
Representative Office
Brand REP
Ideal for foreign companies wishing to conduct initial market research and/or support local customers.
Team of colleagues working together on a tablet.
  • Conduct Initial Market Entry
  • Can hire up to 4 foreign employee
  • Must have a Registered Office
  • Must use Employment Agency (Sapience Pro)
  • No Registered Capital Required


Fast 30 Days Formation
Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise
Fully Foreign
Ideal for foreign companies seeking to enter China for R&D, QC, trade, services and production purposes.
WFOE China Incorporation
  • Can hire local & foreign staff directly
  • Allowed to Import & Export
  • Full control by Foreign Shareholders
  • Can generate Income, issue local invoices (fapiao)
  • Long-Term Permits & Licenses (15-30 years)

JV Company

China Local Partner Structure
Joint Venture Company (JV)
Ideal for foreign companies wishing to conduct initial market research and/or support local customers.
China executive businessman hand shake finish dealing project business friend relationship mix race happy smiling
Why JV Structure?
  • More local resources & advantages
  • Jointly Controlled, usually 51% domestic ownership
  • Can hire local staff directly
  • No WFOE Negative Listing
  • Licenses & Permits Advantages
Why Foreign Companies Choose Us?

Sapience Pro

Over the decade, we've helped companies from all over the globe to enter the Chinese market and gain their fist customers. We are experts in getting you started in China. We offer comprehensive services for your business launch in China. We can help you navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of Chinese business, as well as provide you with the resources you need to start and grow your company in China. We work with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges, and then we create a customized program that addresses those needs. We are passionate about our work, but we never lose sight of the fact that it’s all about helping you achieve your goals. We work with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges, and then we create a customized program that addresses those needs.
Successfully Registered Companies
Obtained Licenses & Permits
Years in the Industry

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China Incorporation


Is it possible for foreigners to establish companies in China?

Yes, Indeed. A foreigner can set up a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE), build a partnership and open a joint venture with a domestic company in China, or establish a representative office (REPO) in China and start building a network and promote the brand.

Can a foreigner or foreign investor in China own 100% shares in a company?

Yes. A foreigner (foreign investor) can register a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China. It is the only structure in which a foreigner has full ownership and control.

Types of WFOE

Consulting WFOE

A consulting WFOE is the most simple foreign-owned legal entity to set up. No additional licenses or certificates are needed.

Trading WFOE

For companies importing into or exporting out of China. Trading WFOEs are essentially consulting WFOEs armed with an import/export license and other licenses for specialty products. Trading companies can take advantage of Free Trade zones in Shanghai & Guangdong.

Manufacturing WFOE

For companies conducting manufacturing operations in China. A manufacturing Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise is a highly specialized WFOE that has passed safety and environmental government examinations in order to manufacture products in China. Ideal for assembling final or intermediate goods.

How much does it to cost to set up a business in China?

The cost of setting up a company varies widely depending on the type of business you want to set up (WFOE, REPO, JV), the necessary licenses, the location, the number of employees needed, and many other factors.

What are the advantages of WFOE (WOFE) in China?

A WFOE registration is the most complete and flexible option for opening a company in China. It has many advantages over a Representative Office or a Joint Venture operation. Here are some of the key advantages we see in WFOE formation.

Can be formed without a Chinese partner

A WFOE is independent and able to manage its operations, funding, and business development. Without a parent, it does not need to share profits, strategies or Intellectual Property.

Can make profits in China

A WFOE can fully carry out business in China, in line with its agreed business scope. It can issue local currency invoices to domestic customers and make profits from its activities.

Able to send funds overseas

Any operating profit in China can be converted to foreign currency for transfer to an overseas parent company.

Able to hire staff directly

A WFOE can manage its human resources (without using an agency) and hire local and overseas staff.

The best option to protect IPR in China

The WFOE structure provides some level of protection under Chinese law.

What are the documents required for company registration in China?

  1. List of controlling partners/shareholders
  2. The shareholding structure of the shareholder
  3. Business address or registered address
  4. Business Scope
  5. Articles of Association.
  6. ID/Passport of the legal representative
  7. ID/Passport of the company supervisor
  8. ID/Passport of the company finance
  9. Shareholder and Directors Information
  10. Proof documents of the shareholders
  11. Notary documents of the shareholders
  12. Translation documents
  13. Special License & Certification Application

Can foreigners open a bank account in China

Yes. The foreign-invested companies need to establish at least two bank accounts in China: a foreign currency capital contribution account and an RMB basic account. The foreign currency capital contribution account is needed to receive the registered capital injection from foreign investors, and the RMB basic account is used for daily business operations in China.

Can I apply the work visa as the legal representative of a WFOE?

Yes, as long as you meet the requirements for employment in China and you are able to use WFOE to hire yourself as an employee and sponsor the work visa.

Do I need to rent a office before company registration?

You either need to have an office or a registered address in China. During the process of company registration, a business address shall be necessary. If you don’t have the office in the early stage, we can provide the registered address for registering only.

Do legal representative need to be physically present to register a company?

During the process of corporate registration in China, legal representatives in most of the situations do not need to be physically present, we can complete the processes on behalf of the legal representative.



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