China Market Entry

Unlocking Business Potential in China: Comprehensive Support for Your Development Journey, From Inception to Expansion.

Our China Market Entry Solution is designed to help you enter the Chinese market quickly and efficiently. We aim to provide you with all the information and resources you need to succeed in China. We can help you qualify for government incentives as a foreign enterprise and design the best solution for your China market entry. We think from the perspective of a market and an understanding of a client, where our team approaches every project with all their knowledge and experience and assists in comprehensively understanding the business environment through market research, policy interpretation, promotional events, and official visits.

Our Solutions:

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China Market Entry Advisory

As the fastest-growing major economy, China’s market is changing rapidly and becoming increasingly competitive.

The differences between industry clusters, supply chains, regional markets, local policies, and competition patterns all raise different opportunities and challenges for foreign enterprises.

Through market research, policy interpretation, foreign investment promotional activities, and business visits, we can help to understand the business environment comprehensively. In Sapience Pro, we assist clients in better formulating strategies and implementation plans for entering China.

  • China Market Entry Strategy
  • Market Research Analysis
  • China Policy Interpretations
  • Partner Company Evaluation
  • FDI Strategy & Assistance
  • Business & Financial Advisory

Company Registration

Incorporation usually involves many complicated processes and paperwork, which consumes a lot of time and resources. Sapience Pro offers great incorporation services to ensure your business can operate smoothly in China. We helped many companies set up WFOEs and JVs in China.

Our experts have the experience to make incorporation execution a simple and easy step, reducing unnecessary time and costs and achieving desirable results.

Sapience Pro also offers services after incorporation, such as changes in business scope and other corporation changes. Other administrative services, such as company stamp management and mail collection, are part of our overall package.

  • Representative Office (Desk)
  • China Company Registration
    • Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE)
    • China Joint Venture (JV)
  • RMB / USD / EUR Bank Accounts Registration
  • Registered Office

Special Licenses and Permits

China has become increasingly focused on licenses and product registration requirements to ensure all products and services delivered in China are safe and high-quality. Different industries have different legal requirements.

Sapience Pro has experience obtaining a special license for different industrial special permit requirements. For products requiring regulatory approval, Sapience Pro also helps gather relevant product specifications and testing results to obtain the required product registration before you start selling products in China.

  • China Business License
  • Manufacturing License
  • F&B License
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing License
  • Other Special Permits & Licenses
  • Product Registration
China WFOE 2023 Registration

Download the complete China WFOE Guide.

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