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Our Human Resources Solutions are designed to help you manage your hiring, payroll, and other staffing-related issues. As your company grows, new compliance challenges arise with your operations and staff expansion. This complicates the tiresome payroll process and the employment relationship. We help you ensure that these challenges are controlled and managed ably so that you can focus on growing your business in other areas. But it doesn’t end there – we also help you establish the framework and systems to help you handle your expansion promptly and cost-effectively. This means helping you implement compliance processes, improve internal controls, and optimize your resource allocation.

HR Advisory and Compliance

Sapience Pro offers professional full-China human resources (HR) services. We are China’s fully licensed and certified HR services provider. Our HR compliance and advisory services help companies manage and control all payroll and HR activities. We help your business remain compliant with ever-complex and changing regulations.

Our HR solutions include a fully compliant payroll system, program development and management, individual income tax planning, and social benefits calculations.

  • HR Management System Design and Compliance
  • Payroll & Benefits Structure
  • Payroll Calculation
  • Individual Income Tax (IIT) and Social Benefits Compliance
  • Assistance with External Audits and Government Authority Inspections

Recruitment and Staffing

Sapience Pro talent recruitment services can help you find suitable candidates for your business in China.

We specialize in recruitment, which includes both executive search and staff search at all levels and in all areas across industries for both talents and roles, making our recruitment services more effective than general recruitment companies. We work in various sectors, including finance, accounting, medical, manufacturing, and high-tech. Our recruiters understand the cultural and business fit required to make your company successfully grow in China.

Sapience Pro has been helping our customers find professional talents based on their operational needs and goals to ensure their businesses’ continued development, smooth operations, and growth.

  • Talent Recruitment
  • China Staffing
  • China Executive Search
  • Background Checks

Secondment Services

We equip organizations with additional skilled labor resources (mainly financial staff) to meet company operation requirements. Secondment can reduce the employment risk of enterprises or solve the problem of headcount being limited. It is an effective means for enterprises to resolve challenges in career development and promotion, job rotation and professional training, marketing and talent cultivation, as well as the management and execution of critical tasks.

Companies can rapidly improve business operation efficiency, cut costs, and promote sustainable development by outsourcing financial operations through Sapience Pro Secondment Services.

  • Recruiting suitable staff according to client’s requirement;
  • Dispatching the team to provide on-site service at the client company;
  • Professional Employment Organization (PEO) Services

Work Visas and Permits

Sapience Pro offers China Work Visa Support Services that will speed up the overall process and ensure all your paperwork is in order. We specialize in supporting the whole process, providing key insights into navigating the intricacies of China’s visa application system.

We provide quick, easy, and trusted services to help you and your foreign staff successfully live and work in China. China’s visa application process is a very complex affair for foreigners, and our experienced staff will guide you throughout the whole application process and help you answer any questions you might have. We strive for rapid response times and efficient handling of each case.

Whether you are trying to submit your first application or renew an existing one, Sapience Pro can help you.

  • Work Visa application and renewal;
  • Work Permit application and renewal;
  • Residence Permit application and renewal

China Employment of Record (EOR)

Foreign companies with no local entities in China or who want to hire local employees directly can legally hire employees through our China Employer of Record (EOR) services.

China EOR Services requires fewer initial capital expenditures and more straightforward procedures. With our solutions, Sapience Pro becomes your employee’s legal employer (employer of record) in China while you manage and work with the employee. In addition to managing their China payroll, mandatory benefits, tax, and expenses, Sapience Pro will sign a local employment contract with your employee.

Overall, we handle all employment and HR duties and ensure compliance in China.

  • EOR Recrutiment and Interview
  • Bilingual Labor Contract & Processing
  • Payroll, Tax, Benefits & Legal Advisory
  • Reimbursement and Expenses Claims

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