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Tailored Secondment Service

Expert Support for Your China Team When You Need it Most

Securing the right talent for specialized roles is a significant challenge in today’s dynamic business environment. Talent pools may seem insufficient, or your company might be expanding faster than your capacity to recruit new personnel. There might also be instances where you require specific skills for a finite project. Additionally, focusing on your core business often requires outsourcing non-core positions to reliable partners. This is where Sapience Pro’s Tailored Secondment Services come into play. We provide expert personnel for your non-core positions, allowing you to concentrate on your core business’s strategic development and growth.

Our Approach

At Sapience Pro, we recognize these challenges and have devised our secondment services to align with your business needs precisely when you need it. We provide highly skilled professionals across various functions, including HR, accounting, taxation, IT, and corporate secretarial services. We offer tailored secondment services, providing an efficient, secure, and regulatory-compliant way to second your employees.

Our team members embody a shared commitment to offer unparalleled quality support during your staff shortage periods. Each professional brings a unique blend of qualifications, career experience, and personal attributes necessary to adapt to dynamic work environments and surmount a wide range of challenges. At Sapience Pro, we believe in investing in our people’s development, enabling them to evolve into expert practitioners and leaders.

With our industry knowledge and extensive experience in China, we manage all administrative and compliance tasks, allowing your secondees to focus on their assignments and performance.

What is Secondment?

Enter China with ot without setting up a local legal entity.

Secondment services in China operate much like a comprehensive talent acquisition and management solution, where an HR agency, such as Sapience Pro, handles the entire life-cycle of employment on behalf of a client. The process begins with the agency recruiting suitable employees, managing all associated paperwork, and handling the onboarding process.

The HR agency bears all employment liabilities, risks, and responsibilities. This includes compliance with local labor laws, handling payroll, social benefits, tax deductions, and managing potential disputes. It is where companies like Sapience Pro step in, offering tailored secondment services to manage all aspects of this process, ensuring companies benefit from the advantages of secondment without being weighed down by the challenges it might present.


This model eliminates the need for the client company to dive into the intricacies of Chinese labor laws or handle complex HR tasks

Success Cases

Stay compliant and avoid potential legal pitfalls

Why Choose Sapience Pro

Stay compliant and avoid potential legal pitfalls

Choosing Sapience Pro for your secondment needs provides a reliable, effective, and efficient partner with a proven track record. We pride ourselves on our high-quality services, rooted in a deep understanding of local Chinese business regulations and practices. Whether it’s managing intricate tax declarations or providing onsite HR support, we tailor our solutions to match your exact requirements. We fill the necessary personnel gaps with our secondment services and go above and beyond by offering comprehensive advice on relevant policies, ensuring your operations in China run as smoothly as possible. Clutch has recognized our dedication to client success, awarding us as one of the top HR Outsourcing companies in China, which underlines our commitment to delivering unrivaled solutions for our clients.

Our secondment services at Sapience Pro are comprehensive and specifically designed to alleviate your HR burdens.

Cost-Effective Solution:

By taking advantage of secondment services, you get access to skilled professionals without the cost and time associated with traditional hiring processes. You only pay for the expertise when you need it, which can lead to significant cost savings.

Risk Mitigation

With a secondment service, all HR-related risks are borne by the agency, such as recruitment errors, payroll issues, contract disputes, and termination complexities. This allows businesses to focus on their core operations without the worry of potential HR liabilities.

Ultimate Flexibility

Secondment services provide you with the flexibility to bring in expertise on an as-needed basis. Whether it’s for a specific project, during a peak period, or to cover for an absent employee, seconded personnel can be rapidly deployed, and they can easily adapt to your work environment and requirements.

Our clients
Driving success for leading foreign brands in China

Clutch has recognized Sapience Pro as one of China’s top HR Outsourcing companies. Our dedication to providing unrivaled solutions and services has earned us the trust and appreciation of our clients, placing us at the forefront of the industry. 


Clutch has recognized Sapience Pro as one of China’s top HR Outsourcing companies. Our dedication to providing unrivaled solutions and services has earned us the trust and appreciation of our clients, placing us at the forefront of the industry. 


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