Can foreigners still own Chinese companies in 2024?

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Foreign Ownership Options

Things to Consider

The Bottom Line

Good News: Foreign Ownership is Alive and Well!

In 2024, foreign ownership of companies in China remains possible! Foreign investment is still encouraged in many sectors. 

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Foreign Ownership Options

  • Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises (WFOEs): 

    You can establish a company with 100% foreign ownership in permitted sectors. The recent Company Law revisions don’t impose a minimum capital requirement, but practical considerations may apply. Learn more about WFOE’s here.

  • Joint Ventures (JVs): 

    Partnering with a Chinese company allows entry into some restricted sectors.

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Things to Consider

  • Sector Restrictions: 

    Certain industries are considered “restrictive” by the government. These may require a Chinese partner in a JV for approval. Check the National Negative List or consult a legal professional for specifics.

  • Increased Scrutiny: 

    Be prepared for a more thorough review process during company registration. This is due to the government’s focus on national security and strategic sectors.

  • Market Understanding: 

    Having a strong grasp of the Chinese market and regulations is crucial for success. Consider partnering with a local advisor to navigate the complexities.

The Bottom Line

Foreign ownership of Chinese companies is still possible in 2024. While the process might involve more steps compared to the past, the potential rewards remain significant. Conducting thorough research, understanding the legalities, and having a solid business plan are key to a smooth journey.

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