Belarus Brands IP & Trademark Solutions for China: Collaborative Webinar with Sapience Pro

Brands from Belarus have been increasingly expanding into the Chinese market, leading to a 33% year-on-year growth in trade between China and Belarus, surpassing $5 billion in 2022. Main export products from Belarus to China include potassic fertilizers, frozen bovine meat, dairy products, raw sugar, and poultry meat, among others. Despite this growth, Belarusian brands face challenges with counterfeit products on Chinese e-commerce platforms.

In response to the challenges of counterfeiting in China, Sapience Pro, in partnership with the Belarus Embassy and representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture of Belarus, organized a webinar to provide Belarusian companies with the essential knowledge and tools to successfully navigate the Chinese market, safeguard their intellectual property (IP) and trademarks, and implement effective strategies for overcoming these challenges.

The Belarus-China IP & Trademark Webinar featured industry experts Mr. Weibin Wang from Beshining Law & IP Firm, specializing in China Trademark; Mr. Xueyong (Alfred) Zhang from Sloma & Co, an expert in China IP Protection; and Mr. Chyngyz Sher, an international expert on China Market Entry and Economy. The speakers shared valuable insights on Chinese IP laws, enforcement mechanisms, market dynamics, local consumer preferences, and China consumer trends for 2023. Representatives from the Belarusian dairy industry, Belarus Patent, Belarus Chamber of Commerce, and Belarus Economic Development Agency, as well as other relevant organizations, attended the event.

The comprehensive webinar covered essential topics, including:

Navigating the Chinese legal system for IP and trademark protection: Understanding the complex Chinese legal system is crucial for Belarusian companies seeking to protect their IP rights. The webinar provided insights into the country’s IP laws, regulations, and enforcement mechanisms that can help Belarusian brands ensure their trademarks are well protected.

Identifying and addressing counterfeit products on e-commerce platforms: Counterfeit products pose a significant threat to Belarusian brands in the Chinese market. The experts shared practical steps to monitor and identify counterfeit products on e-commerce platforms and how to take appropriate legal action to protect the brand’s integrity and reputation.

Adapting market entry strategies to ensure successful penetration into the Chinese market: The Chinese market presents unique challenges for foreign brands. The speakers discussed the importance of adapting market entry strategies, understanding consumer trends, and tailoring products and services to cater to local preferences, which is essential for Belarusian companies to succeed in this competitive market.

By applying the knowledge and strategies shared during the webinar, Belarusian companies can strengthen their IP protection, effectively address counterfeit products on Chinese e-commerce platforms, and ultimately achieve success in the Chinese market. The webinar served as a valuable resource for Belarusian brands, helping them grow and thrive in the global market.


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