All inbound travelers to China will be exempt from quarantine from January 8th.

According to the National Health Commission, China will remove quarantine rules for all passengers traveling to China beginning January 8, 2023.

The health authority said in a statement that COVID-19 would also be downgraded to Category B from the current Category A, meaning that quarantine will no longer be enforced. According to the National Health Commission, China will refer to Covid as “infection” rather than “pneumonia.” The change is “more in line with the current characteristics and danger level of this disease.”

A number of visa facilitation measures will be implemented to make it easier for foreigners to come to China, including for work and business. However, it didn’t include tourist visas. A gradual return to tourism for Chinese nationals will be restored “in an orderly fashion.” Passenger entry and exit at sea and land ports will gradually resume.

Covid tests are still required before travelers arrive in China, but they will no longer need to submit their results to a Chinese embassy or consulate. As of January 8, travelers can test their flight readiness before boarding.

“Omicron has become the dominant strain of SARS-Cov-2, and only a very small number of cases developed pneumonia,” the NHC said. National Health Commission says epidemic prevention and control protocols will be strengthened at key institutions, such as elderly care institutions, as China downgrades its management of the new Coronavirus. In addition, China will boost vaccination rates among the elderly and promote second doses among people at high risk of severe illness.

China has stopped publishing Covid statistics.

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