The 2022 CIIE, China International Import Expo, Top Highlights, Innovation Drives Sustainability

On Friday, November 5th, The China International Import Expo (CIIE) celebrated its 5th anniversary. The event is intended to bring much-needed momentum to the global economy. It is the critical platform for the country’s pledge to pursue long-term reform and opening up. It also intends to foster technological and economic growth while supporting the use of green energy in all areas, including transportation, agriculture, and energy production.

The expo includes over half of the world’s top 500 firms, leading industrial enterprises, 145 countries, regions, and international organizations. In Addition to its significance, it is the country’s first major event after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The following offers a glimpse of the highlights of the 5th CIIE.

The measures aim to increase and attract foreign capital inflows, enhance capital utilization quality, and support the growth of the manufacturing industry while strengthening its integration into the global industrial chain.

Featured Debuts & New Products at the 5th 2022 CIIE:

▲ The Tesla Bot made its debut at the 5th CIIE. The price is estimated at around US$20,000


Tesla’s humanoid robot, Tesla Bot, made its China debut during the expo. The humanoid robot prototype weighs 56 kilograms and stands around 172 centimeters tall. With 28 free joints, it can lift a 500-kilogram piano with just one hand and pick small things.

▲ Porsche Mission R, an electric supercar, made its debut at the 5th CIIE

In the Automobile sector, seven exhibits have made their Asia debut, among which is the Porsche Mission R, an all-electric vehicle for motorsports. Porsche Mission R is an electric race car that can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 300km/h. Robotaxi exhibiting at the CIIE will greatly save costs and improve the efficiency of taxi companies.

At Toyota’s CIIE pavilion, a Robotaxi created by Japan-based Toyota and Chinese startup made its China debut. It will be the first batch of Robotaxi in the four cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen in the first half of 2023, with L4 autonomous driving. A multilayer redundancy mechanism is built into the 6th generation system and Level 4 autonomous driving software. These intelligent taxis, equipped with laser radars and the Autono-MaaS autonomous driving system, have been tested in restricted areas for many months and are completely prepared for open-road driving. They have been tested in Shanghai’s Jiading District.

▲ Honda Electric Vehicle Concept e:N2

Honda makes its global debut of an electric vehicle concept at CIIE. The e: N2 concept is the newest in the e: N series that Honda intends to develop through its two joint ventures, Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda. In China, the two joint ventures are already producing and marketing the e: NS1 and e: NP1 SUVs.

▲ FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Jumbo-sized version of the official ball

A jumbo-sized version of the official match ball of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, with a diameter of 2.2 meters, is on display at the 5th CIIE. The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ will be played from November 20th to December 18th in Qatar. It will be the 22nd edition of the competition and the first organized in the Arab world.

▲ Digital Microscope for Ocular Surgery at the ZEISS stand in 5th CIIE

World’s first high-precision ophthalmic surgical microscope. Visitors could examine a digital microscope for ocular surgery at the ZEISS exhibition stand. High-tech goods and technologies aimed at increasing visual perception in work, travel, and entertainment sectors, such as the intelligent cockpit and microscopic imaging equipment, present visitors with a more vivid and rich visual experience.

▲ Varian HyperArc Exhibition Stand at the 5th CIIE

HyperArc is a cutting-edge method that allows radiation oncologists to treat patients with numerous brain metastases more quickly and efficiently. The HyperArc uses the “one-centered tea target” approach to accurately target and remove hundreds of metastatic cancers simultaneously in 15 minutes.

▲ BHS’s smart gardening solutions

At this year’s CIIE, Bosch’s breakthrough intelligent indoor planter, a subsidiary of BSH, made its “Asian debut.” This smart indoor planter container’s white plastic is 100% recyclable and recyclable. Asia’s first “smart indoor grower” employs an intelligent watering system to refill nutrients autonomously, enhance photosynthesis efficiency, and maintain plant roots’ healthy survival and natural growth, allowing them to be cultivated all year indoors.

▲ Atem X, the air purifier that filter viruses, bacterias smoke, and fine dust

At this CIIE, IQAir, a Swiss air purification brand, introduced the world’s first new-generation air purifier product, Atem X. Atem X is a smart, slim, designer air purifier that can filter viruses, bacteria, smoke, fine dust, and ultra-fine particles, according to the makers. This purifier reverses the look of standard air purifiers, using a revolutionary orbital structure to position the fan at the center of the air purifier, and employs a circular design to achieve more powerful functions and quieter operation. Simultaneously, the device incorporates four crucial benefits: robust air purifying capabilities, silent operation, low power consumption, and a thin and stylish appearance.

Sapience Pro at the 5th CIIE, Shared Future to a New Era 

Sapience Pro is honored to be exhibiting at the CIIE for the fifth consecutive time. We plan to continue educating attendees on how they can benefit from Sapience Pro’s vast knowledge of the Chinese market and help foreign companies to enter the Chinese Market and help them grow and maximize their potential.

Company: Sapience Pro

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