11,000 New Foreign Invested Enterprises Established in China in Q1

Foreign Invested enterprises in China have been steadily increasing. In Q1 January-March, 11,000 new foreign-invested companies were established, a 7.6 percent YoY increase according to the State Administration of Market Regulation. A notable uptick in the services sectors, where 91.9 percent of the new enterprises were established. In March alone, China saw 4,818 new foreign-invested enterprises established, surging 44 percent from a year ago and bringing the total number of registered foreign-invested firms to 675,000 as of the end of Q1.

The year’s first quarter marked a significant rise in foreign-invested companies in China, showcasing the country’s recovering cross-border business activities. Eleven thousand new foreign-invested firms were established during this period, indicating a solid 7.6 percent year-on-year increase. This data underscores China’s increasingly open and accommodating business environment, particularly for the services sector, which accounted for 91.9 percent of the newly established foreign-invested enterprises. These encouraging trends signal ripe opportunities for foreign investors in the vibrant and dynamic Chinese market.

China’s accommodation and catering sectors are experiencing a period of rapid expansion and prosperity, largely propelled by the country’s accelerated digital transformation. This digitalization initiative by the government is reshaping these sectors, making them more efficient, innovative, and customer-centric. With its evolving tastes and rising disposable income, China’s burgeoning middle class is driving demand diversification, fostering a fertile ground for domestic and international businesses. The continuous growth of the local market, coupled with the broad application of cutting-edge technologies, presents attractive opportunities for foreign firms in the accommodation and catering industries. Their potential for success is significantly bolstered by the extensive digital infrastructure established nationwide, making business operations more streamlined and enhancing their competitive edge.

Recently, Shanghai’s Administration for Market Regulation launched an online platform to streamline company registration, alterations, and cancellations. The integration of various authentication systems into one unified platform is expected to simplify the process for both local and foreign businesses. As of May, the city had 2.42 million market entities that have downloaded e-version business licenses from this platform.

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