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Shanghai Streamlines Tax Rebates for Firms Trading Overseas

The Chinese government keeps introducing policies to help SMEs handle problems brought on by the epidemic. One of those measures is a substantial reduction in the time needed to claim tax refunds. This move puts more investments in the pockets of its 24,000 trading firms.


Understanding the situation that companies are still making social insurance payments for their employees, and the financial burden of that on smaller firms is quite severe. Local tax officials contributed current difficulties to the high prices of raw materials and transportation.

  • They set up a special team to analyse all businesses and those firms with good records get their rebates back most quickly, and others have been sped up

  • China has already implemented fiscal policies like tax cuts to support them, and the Ministry of Commerce and the central bank have also been helping out


To stabilize economic development and attract more investors, the government has continued to improve taxation issues. Companies with good credit ratings will have higher likelihoods to receive preferential treatment and appreciate more convenience. It is believed that more measures will continue to be introduced in the foreseeable future, such as tax incentives to help more entrepreneurs and investors.

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